Simple Antivirus Tutorials Ep3

In Episode 3 of my YouTube tutorial videos series, On making a “Simple Antivirus”. Hope you enjoy it and show us some love on YouTube please.

Download : Download LInk

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We will be adding..

  • Adding Scan Folder Functionality
  • Editing Scan Function to enable scan folder.
  • Editing browse button to enable browse folder.
  • Adding load database on program start.

So in this episode, we will be adding a new scan folder function to allow us to scan folder for the signatures we created in the last episode (Episode 2). We will also be adding a new auto load database on program start. then moving on we will be modifying the browse function and the scan button.


We Will start with … Episode 2. Download is now available. simple antivirus tutorial episode 2 simple antivirus tutorial episode 2

and we will end up with


In the Next episode (Episode 4)

  • adding some new labels to display scan information
  • adding a new thread to put scan function in to.