The Raise of Ransom-ware


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The Raise Of Ransom-ware


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Donate Bitcoins

The raise of Ransom-ware over the pass several years has left many users stunned with the the large volume of money being extorted from the public. In late 2013 “Cryptolocker” was estimated to have made 30 million by some experts  in as fewer as 100 days.  This money was swiftly reinvested by the hackers be hide “CryptoLocker” in to infecting more users. This success from the hackers point of view has spawned many similarly Trojans and Ransom-ware, This has increase the numbers of new / undiscovered ransom-ware being found and infected computers.

The New Target For Ransom-ware

The new trend in ransom-ware is to target android devices, TV’s,  Tablets, fridges and etc. recently discovered ransom-ware “FLocker” (2106) is designed and targeted at smart TV’s locking them and demanding payment. The “Dogspectus” Ransom-ware infects tablets and demands $100 iTunes gift card to unlock the tablet. recently while my nephews tablet got infected with ransom-ware, I simply bin it, Yes you Read correctly, I though it in the bin. The tablet was not a lot, I got it from amazon about £25  and the ransomware wanted $100 so i binned it and got a new one.

Where is this ransom-ware being hosted ?

Recently the Command and control Servers have moved to being hosted on the tor network (The Dark Web). To conceal the true address of the server. preventing law enforcement bring action and recovering some of the money taken by the hacker. although this is not the only way the random-ware is hosting it is becoming more popular as it making it hard to taken down. So ransom-ware is hosting on the public internet on hacker or hijacked server. this always the hacker to simply ditch the Server if it has claims of miss-use or being hacked.

Why Do they want bitcoins or iTunes cards ?

It’s Pretty simple if you think about it there are easy to get an iTunes cards as most stores stock them and bitcoins are pretty hard to trace but not impossible making it hard for victims to get there hard earned money back. keeping the hackers pockets stuffed with money. bitcoins are also easy to transfer from account to account making it hard to track down and easy for hackers to pay other hackers for services such as encrypting malware services and Managed hosting solution for malware.

How to Recovery Encrypted files.

Unfortunately in most classes after you are infect it is just to late to save somethings . how ever in the pass ever month some analysis have been about to recover large volumes of encryption keys and provide a service for free that allows you to recover you files, photos and other things. I would strongly recommend that you back  files up on an offline external hard drive or USB stick to ensure that you are saved. there are software’s that are readily available to back up your files. I personal have an online backup stored on “One Drive” and an offline copy of everything stored on a removable recovery hard drive for my laptop. This is the best option as you can reinstall windows operating system and start clean again.

How Can We Prevent being infected with ransom-ware

The best method is to simply install antivirus and keep it up to date. Yes the same old Keep it up to date, but it works. Keeping you android tablet / phone / TV up to date will prevent most publicly known attack vectors. publicly known attacks such as exploit once they are known about the company that develops the software / operating system will patch it. most of the time. there for this is the easiest, safest and cheapest method of protection. additionally if you install a Free antivirus for android device found on the app store or the play store. will increase you protection and decrease the likely hood that you will be infected.
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