Monthly Archives: March 2017

Another Gen 2 Starter Pokemon Spawn/Nest Found in Suffolk Exploring (felixstowe – landguard fort).

Hi Guys New Nest Found We have been out searching for new undocumented nests in Suffolk, We Found a new Totodile nest / spawn at landguard fort in Felixstowe to day the 18/3/2017. As this video show we had a smashing day with some great spawns and good catch rate. I would recommend going there […]

Diversifying My Blog after Thurktech Antivirus.

Hi guys and girls Diversifying My Blog after Thurktech Antivirus.  Today, I am keeping everyone informed. Now that Thurktech Antivirus is very close to launch. I am looking at diversifying my blog and taking it back to being more personal and posting about more than just antivirus and threats. Thurktech Antivirus I have truly enjoyed […]

Alternatives to AdSense plugin. 2

Hi guys and girls Alternatives to Ad Sense plugin. As of the Early May, 2017. The Google Ad Sense plugin for WordPress will not be supported. This means that you will not be able to use it anymore if you do currently use it like me. So in the post we are going to explore other options for displaying […]