Diversifying My Blog after Thurktech Antivirus.


Hi guys and girls

Diversifying My Blog after Thurktech Antivirus. 

Today, I am keeping everyone informed. Now that Thurktech Antivirus is very close to launch. I am looking at diversifying my blog and taking it back to being more personal and posting about more than just antivirus and threats.

Thurktech Antivirus

Thurktech Antivirus Scanning

I have truly enjoyed every moment of developing Thurktech Antivirus, over the pass few years, There has just been nothing like it. It has been a true adventure, i started with little to No knowledge about the inner workings of antivirus and over the passed 2 years gone from just a hobby to a company. I am very mush sad that the project is done, yes i will need updates and new features but it can not replace the time spent coding, failing and over coming. Some of the best times programming have been developing Thurktech Antivirus.

So Here is a Bit about me.

So i am a 25 year old with dyslexia, I have always been taking things to peaces and putting them back together again. I have always had an unending thirst to learn even when told “i don’t think you will be able to keep up.” or “are you sure you want to do this”. and to this day never found a subject or interest that i have not been able to understand, learn and hopefully master.  Ever over coming the English language and passing my GCSE in English at 24 years old. A Major tip for anyone who is dyslexic. Find the way you learn best and more importantly use it. Show the reset of the people around you, You can over come anything.

My YouTube Channel

I have truly enjoyed developing an antivirus over the last few years but this is not all i do, Therefore My YouTube channel will be soon have more videos on many different subjects, I have a massively diverse group of interests and wish to share some of the interests i have and better represent my personality.  I personally feel my public image and my actual interest are a bit a part. hens the diversification in to more subjects and more interests.

YouTube Tutorial on making your own antivirus 

Many of you have see the recent YouTube tutorials on making your own antivirus. I am currently a bit lost with if to continue this tutorial as not many people are watching this, I am unsure if its because its in Delphi which is a costly product or if its just a subject that not many people want to see or both. The next few episodes will determine exactly if i continue or stop the episodes.

Episode List

Episode 1 ( Making a Simple Scanner ) : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oM7S-5LF7tg

Episode 2 (Adding Database)  : https://youtu.be/twI-E76SvpM

Episode 3 (Adding Scan Folders and Auto Load DataBase) : https://youtu.be/45dx5oE-0RE

Episode 4 (adding Hex Position Signatures and bug fixes) : https://youtu.be/6RYMCkmifvA

Episode 5 : (Threading Scan Engine and Information Labels) https://youtu.be/MvLO7xJPUYQ

Episode 6 : (Adding Hex Anywhere signatures  and reports ) https://youtu.be/tsdP5QOuV50


So What Can  You Expect?

Here is a list but i am not stuck to just this.

  • Tutorials on installs and setups
  • Pokemon go (Ooh no, yes i play Pokemon go…).
  • Call of duty (Yup once again i play call of duty well some of them..)
  • Other Coding Projects
  • hardware installs
  • unboxing of products
  • 3d printing
  • robotics
  • Traveling
  • much much more when i get interest in it.

So i hope this give you an better idea of me.


thanks for reading jay.


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