Simple antivirus YouTube Episodes Release tomorrow.


Simple antivirus YouTube Episodes Release tomorrow.

Due to the slow reply of our legal term at Thurktech we are unable to release the episode 10 of our YouTube series. this is due in part to our legal team and an out side company we contracted to do legal documents.


The Episode 10 was to be our special episode  where Thurktech antivirus, who i work for has given us permission to create an public API for a older version of our scan engine for this YouTube  series making it easy and getting people involved with antivirus software and programming.

The Key point

However due to the fact that the software is copyrighted ,We need an end point user agreement to be distributed with the API, that need to be written by our legal team. uniformity the legal team has not got back to me on this matter and i am unable to continue to post this episode.

The solution 

If i have not received an email with the end user agreement attached. I will record a replacement episode tomorrow Sunday and release it the same day.

So i hope this answers any questions anyone had about why there was not episode

thanks for reading jay.




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