Should i make a New UDS ugly drum smoker ?


Ugly Drum Smoker

Burning off paint in UDS

Burning off paint in UDS

Hi guys and girls.

New Smoker ?

I have been wondering over the last few day, if you guys and girls would like to see a new updated tutorial of my making a ugly drum smoker. I made one back in 2014 and the page seem to be getting a lot of interest. obviously  i would make some changes from my pass smoker as there was a few issues like lighting it, and putting the coals and wood chips in so i am activly thinking about ways to modify it to make my life easier

So What do you Think ?

So what do you think would it be something everyone is interested in and would you like to see an updated tutorial this would more that likely be a video as i have found this is the best way to show someone how to do things, please leave a comment and i will take it from there.

thanks for reading Jay


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