Fortnite party bug ( please enable cross platforn) [temp fix]


Fortnite party bug ( please enable cross-platform) [temp fix]

If you are playing Fortnite after the recent update on 30/05/2018 and while joining a party get the message displayed stating “you need to enable cross-platform to join this party” or something close. Then I have a quick dirty fix that allows you to join the party and play without cross-platform enabled.

Fix is at the bottom of the page! this May or May not work for you but worked for me and friends to give it a go.


As you can see from the two image posted below two of the four-man party don’t have the option to enable cross-platform and the other two in this case do. So ask your friends who have the option to enable and if so then enable, if you are the friend who cant enable or don’t have the option your friends must join you.

Friend Who Doesnt have Option or Settings is clearly missing.

Friend Who Does Have Option


The simple fix is to enable cross-platform join the party and while in the party before starting a game simple turn it back off again and that’s it simple fix but work while you are playing unsure if you have to repeat this if you join a different party as I haven’t tried it so comment below.


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