PayPal Text Message Uncovered [resolved]


PayPal Text Message Uncovered


/\/\/\/ — Updated — /\/\/\/

We have seen more of these fake pay pal text  messages over the last few hours this time for  “+447598027265”  once again with a fake login page

Your PayPal has been temporarily locked. You have 36H to confirm the account information or your account will be closed: h[tt]p:// 


New wave of Spam pay pal text message send to UK mobile numbers, with a link to a fail login pages clearly trying to steal credentials for pay pal accounts.

looking at the domain here Hxxp://paypai[.]org (91.234.99[.]29) we can clearly see that the “L” is an “I” this is a common tactic with phish emails and text messages apparently as they are trying to trick users in to entering credentials so they can steal your hard earned money.

So now you know so please look out for this fake text messages with fake pay pal page.

thanks for reading jay.





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