Downloading FortNite For Android! But What Do We Get !!?!!



Show Notes

Installing Fortnite for android phone? , But What Do We Get In this app? Let’s cross two of the find I currently love Fortnite and malware analyzation and let just have a real look at what is truly inside this Apk file what are we installing and what is it doing ? if it is not playing FortNite, So in this video we will go step by step and take the application to peaces one step at a time revealing what the app is doing and why.   Find out just what this app is doing now in this show. So well will follow the links on the video and download the so-called “Full Version” and see what they are doing. See What was Found. But there is not a version on google play store?



VirusTotal Scan :

Hybrid Analysis:

Nviso Apk Scanner Runtime :

Apk Decompiler



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