80250 Freemsg: Your subscribed to sports alerts text message.


80250 Freemsg: Your subscribed to sports alerts text message.

Over the last several months I have received

“freemsg: your subscribed to sports alerts costing £2.50 per alerts max 3 per month you can stop anytime by sending stop to 80250. SP mekersia 02035987907”

This is a scam !

This is purely a scam. This abuses a legitimate free SMS text messaging service. Called freemsg this scam is simple blindly sent thousands of text messages to mobile phone numbers the have collected or otherwise acquired and wait for people to follow the instructions that they would be familiar with but by doing so they call a premium phone number costing several pounds or dollars a minute making money for the scammers.

What can I do?

You can take the following easy steps

1. delete the message.

2. Report the message to the free messaging service. They may be about to block the user or IP address.

3. NEVER call the phone number.

4. Share this post and make the scam not profitable by informing family and friends. If everyone knows it’s a scam they make no money.

Thank you for reading jayteeyeah.


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