Your hotmail account have been disabled ? Phone call.


Hi guys once again I am back to inform you of another on going cold call stating that “you hotmail account has been disabled due to a violation and please press 1 to speak to our service desk.”

One of the instant things that stands out is I didn’t use my uk landline phone number with my hotmail account. I used my mobile…

Two my email addresss is fine and senting and receiving emails as normal.

Working in cyber security we often see popup scams like this. Is the criminals behind this are after one of three things. They are trying to harvest information for a bigger scam. They are trying to get money out of you or they are trying to hijack your account or gain access to your devices.

So to conclude put simple it’s a scam. Your information has been leaked on a data theft and they are using this information to attempt to scam people.

How do I check? I hear you say?

A simple ,easy and safe way to check is to use this website collect information from data leaks and with tell you. If your email address, password, phone number or other personal information have been made public.

What do I do if my personal information has been leaked? My advice.

Get a password safe and you it. Password safes are most often free and will safely store your passwords.

Use randomly generated passwords unique for each individual website you sign up for. You will only have to remember the password for you password safe and then using the inbuilt functionality of your device to copy and paste or auto fill feature of some password safes.

Except more scam phone calls, text messages and emails. If it doesnt look right, is poorly spelt or just doesnt seem right. Ignore it and delete it. If this is a legitimate service they will contact you again at a later day or by another means.

Advice with banks

I hope this information help and if it has please share this information and limit the effectiveness of this scam.

If the service is a bank or something like your bank or other important service. Do not give away any information and use another means to contact them. If you receive a phone call saying they are from your bank and something is not right or something is suspicious. Hang up using a internet capable device go to the official website and using the contact information to call them back. You could also use phones or contact information from paper bills, or go in branch.


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