Recovering Rar Passwords in 2020 – Easy, with download, on windows and free.


Recovering Rar Passwords in 2020 – Easy, with download, on windows and free.

TT Rar Cracker

So Recovering Rar Archive passwords in 2020. should be super easy but a lot of software is from the early 2000s or for Linux and not for windows. so I went searching for a tool to help me, came across this utility recently released for windows, really simple to use and very much easy to use as well.

Download here

How does it recover the password ?

This Tool “TT Rar Cracker” brute forces the password by trying all the passwords between the start point and the end or until it finds the password and unlocks the Rar Archive for you. so you or i set the length and what the password is made of and boom after a while its found the password.

Pro’s and Con’s of bruteforcing the password.


  • You can recover the lost or forgotten RAR Archive password
  • It’s free
  • It doesn’t take up all your CPU so you can still use your computer while this is recovering the passwords
  • It’s in development. This means it’s going to have updates, new features and patches.
  • It’s easy to use. Not complicated as some brute force tools can be.


  • Depending on the password complexity and length it will take a while to recover the password.
  • Only .rar format is supported currently.
  • It doesn’t have a work list option or other recovery methods.
  • It’s not multi threaded.
  • It doesn’t use the GPU currently.

So you have forgotten your Rar Archive Password ?

  1. Download the rar password cracker.
  2. Open TT Rar Cracker
  3. Select the Rar Archive you want to recover password to. “.rar”
  4. Select to save progress or not I would recommend you save the progress as this will stop you having to retry passwords in the event the computer crashes, updates or switches off.
  5. Select the length of the password. The longer the password length selected the long it’s going to take to brute force. If you have an idea of what the password could be this should be easy to guess the length you require and narrow it down.
  6. Select the characters that mark up the password. At this point tactics are everything. The more characters you select. the longer it could take to brute force but don’t pick the characters in the password and you could have to do more than one brute force against the Rar achieve.
  7. Lastly, press start and wait.
  8. Password gets recovered. Woot woot.

I hope you enjoyed and found this tutorial helpful and useful. If there are any updates I will update this post or create another if there are more features added by the developer.

Thank you for reading and hope to see you again.



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