Antivirus/Antimalware [Restarting development]


Antivirus/Antimalware [Restarting development]

I am back to developing my antivirus but there are changes, The project will be back in a closed source only and I will not be releasing the source coding publicly. This has been done to prevent abuse of the source code.

Restarting development

I have decided to restart the development of my antivirus, This will be done is my spare time and I will be posting updates of my progress, currently, I am not releasing the source code for any of the updates. I will be continuing the project in Delphi and C++ for the client-side and PHP, MySQL, python and others for the backend.

Why is the project now closed source code ?

The project is now closed source code because of abuse, I had it reported to me by 3 different researchers that scammers and some hackers had used code segments from my antivirus development from YouTube. This prompted me to stop public development and stop posting development videos on youtube. So the code will not be shared publicly this doesn’t mean that I will not share it at a later date with trusted people or other developers.

Moving Forward

Moving forward with the development I will be starting from the last update I created that was never released to the public and is about 30 videos ahead of the last one posted on youtube, In which I integrated AI-based detection, runtime protection and many other code updates.

I will be working directly in improving detection and fixing a few bugs that had been identified before I stopped the projects.

  • Increase detection
  • lower resource use
  • add anti-ransomware detected (developed but not implemented
  • update and redesign sampling engine
  • start testing. VM Vs antivirus should be fun 😀
  • redevelop embedded engine
  • release a public test version
  • Automated analysis of samples VM
  • Automated analysis of hardened sample on barebones.

I haven’t set a time to reach the goals above as I simply don’t know how long they are going to take to achieve each goal but I will be making a video demonstrating each function as it gets developed and showing it working.

Hopefully this has given you some idea of what i am up to and what i am working on.

Till next time Jay.


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