Andriod Antivirus development planning


As part of the redevelopment of my antivirus code, i have decided to create a android version of the antivirus, coded once again in the Rad Studio’s Delphi so this is my plan.

Android Antivirus Design


  • Scan Files
  • Scan installed Apps
  • Scan SMS messages
  • Remove Apps / uninstall apps
  • Create reports
  • Delete SMS messages if detected
  • Delete / quarantine Files
  • scheduled scanning while on charge and or on wifi connection


  • SMS messages
  • File Creation
  • Install apps
  • Reboot
  • permissions

Backend Design

  • Hybrid signature features
  • Scanning server – used while on wifi or on the mobile network if user picks too.
  • Offline database – downloaded while on wifi and used while offline or in poor signal area.
  • Apk Analysis – to automatically analysis Apk files

This is a ruff GUI example.

So this is my overall design and i will update this blog as i and when i complete stages.


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