New Barebones Analysiation system in development.


Project Goat

So.. Project “Goat”, may have not been the best name but sometimes you have to stake the bait to a post and wait for the preditors to come for the pray, so… Project “Goat” it is.

So what is Project “Goat” ?

Project “Goat” is a bare metal analysation toolkit based off the Cuckoo sandbox using a stripped-down computer, controlled by the main computer and a raspberry pi 4 to control the power on and off on the stripped-down computers. this will load the Windows 7, 8 and 10 OS on a live boot images locked on sd cards,

So i haven’t worked everything out just yet and with somethings its going to have to be trail and error. there will be things that need to be updated and configured.

depending on the hardware I can afford to buy and what is available on eBay. we may have to set this up with random motherboard and with random power supplies as and where I can find them or buy them.

i may even have to user CD/DVD drive incited of SD Cards i would prefer to use SD cards as the can be reused. but Cd /DVD drives are cheap and easy..


So hopefully you have an idea of what I am planning hopefully doesn’t fail in an epic fashion, i am sure it will not but anything could happen. i will post as and when i complete part of this project and leave a comment if you want me to Make a youtube video of creating this Frankenstein machine.



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