Started the Andriod Antivirus Development [log-3] HIT The Frist Road Block


So as the title states we have hit our road block in our development and this was kinder expected thus not unexpected

so let’s explore the roadblock its the poor support for Andriod and IOS devices within Rad Studio’s XE6 Delphi and the Firemonkey framework. all though there are newer versions of Rad Studio’s Delphi i don’t have the princely sum of…


No, I am not jokes, that is the price. here is the OFFICIAL RAD STUDIO’s Website and the Prices don’t get any cheaper… how they expect anyone to take up this language is beyond me.

What Next, give up? or Plough through?

I am currently considering considering my options.

Option 1

Cut all the unsupported features out and build a half-hearted product? No. I don’t do that.

Option 2

Rebuild the Application in another language? such as java or .net, Maybe

Option 3

Download the latest trial version of Rad Studio’s and try and complete the project in the 30 day trial, maybe i am down for a challenge.

Option 4

Give up on android until there is better support for the platform ? naa. dont like giving up.

What Will i pick

So what will i do i am not sure yet i am down for trying to develop, test and deploy the antivirus app in 30 days only problem is its a one way street i could only get to the first version or possible to a second version with in the time limit.

i could develop the app put it on the app store and what ever it makes i up towards a licence key for the software however if there is any issue with the code, vulnerability or or teeth issues this was holt the project dead in its tracks.

Other Option

The other option is to change language to a free language like JAVA which i am not great with and extend the development windows to learn JAVA better but on the upside no paying for anything but the app is easier to reverse engineer and leading to more issues in the long run


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