About Us

Jugoo is a website based around the different projects, I have done or I am currently working on. This includes my antivirus project which i am currently Developing as well as a few other projects, I have Completed in the past for example my home made server (“Boxie1”) More information can be found here about the boxie1 project.


Here at Jugoo we also post threat and exploit alerts for new or recently discovered  malware or 0 days but this is not all we also take the time to analysis the malware and exploits even taking a step by step look thought the threat how it works and if possible at the time of the post methods of defense or protection.


About Me Jay

Hi my name is Jay. Here is a Little bit about me, I am 23 a self tort programmer with a massive interest in computers, software,programming and digital security. I am also dyslexic which if you as me has never stopped me , if i want to learn something or something interests me i am learning about it. This lead me to start developing my own antivirus software in my spare time, I always get asked “Does my dyslexia effect my ability to learn ?”, The answer is No If i want to learn something i will learn it just as everyone else i have strengths and weaknesses but the main thing is finding ways to work around your weaknesses, which is what i have done, I have tort my self Delphi, C++ , PHP , Html , MySQL, python, assembly as well as I have had experience with Virtualization software, virtual OS, Proxmox VE , administration software, Hosting, analyzing  malware, threat analysis and much much more. So feel free to have a look around hopefully you will learn something you don’t know.