Boxie Server (Home Made)

So Firstly What is Boxie ?

This is Boxie.


Well Boxie is a home server currently serving this page, Made from an old HP pavillion dv8315nr notebook PC, that i had. It was have problems with over heating after about an hour of investigating i discovered the fan had died and was not longer cooling the notebook. After a little bit of time i was like well what can i make out of it. while thinking about it i decided to make it in to a server, i put the motherboard in mineral oil inside of a Tupperware tube. This would stop it over heating and keep it very quiet. This was just a great idea at the time, As i have little money to spend on a server and you can see from the picture above a lot of spare / broken laptops and notebooks as i am always making them do things they were never intended to do, like making it in to a server. i am sure that was never in the spec for this model. I have to give massive credit to HP for making such a quality product this has now been running for almost 3 years permanently with little to no restarts and is still going fine, This show that a small HP notebook is versatile and with a little time and a screw driver a damaged notebook or laptop can be used for other things not just binned.

So How did i make it ?

You will need : knife, glue gun, screw driver, Tupperware tube, about 17 small bottles of mineral oil, Lego blocks, multi USB port, usb to network lead and a Sata hard drive extender cable.

Once you have everything its very simple. Take the laptop/notebook to peaces making sure you are earthed. Use the glue gun to glue Lego blocks to the bottom of the Tupperware Tub to sit the motherboard on. glue mother board screws to Lego blocks, Making sure screws line up with mother board holes. Now we take the changer Socket and cut a hole using the knife in the side of the tube just big enough for the changer socket to fit in, use the glue gun to glue in place sealing around the hole. Now screw the mother board in place. at this time is good time to connect the Sata Hard drive extender cable or use a SSD, In my case i used extender cable and normal hard drive place on the outside of the tube. It is important to check weather the screen need to be attached while it is on in my case yes the screen is in the oil with the rest of it, at this point plugin the power button and make sure it is glued to the top of one of the side of the tube out of the oil and plugin any other plugs for example i used a multi USB port cut another hole for the USB lead and glue it to the outside. this stops you USB drive getting covered in oil. plugin you USB to network lead insuring that it have a hole cut for the lead though the tube and is glued in place on the outside. now test that it starts and shutdown right after, This will hopefully find any mistakes before you fill it with oil. now the fun part fill the tube until all of the mother board ram and CPU are covered with about 1 cm higher. At this point plugin the hard drive making sure that the hard drive holder is screwed to the lid of the tube with at least 2 cm clearance and start it up.



This is a picture of the server running from the side you can see the Lego blocks used to allow the oil to circulate.

I encourage you, If you have something that is broken or damage beyond use or its desired use, Think about would it could be come, don’t be limited by your understand or skill, If it is already broken you have nothing to loss try something out, take it to peaces and see how it works and see what it could become.

A Great role model of mine (Stephen Hawking) said “there should be no boundary to human endeavor”, This Man has truly shown the world that If you set you mind to something anything is possible. If you want to try something try it.

The last question is, Why am i Documenting this ?

I am Documenting this to show everyone that there is not just one way of doing things, and with a little time you can create useful things out of what some would see as junk. almost 4 years on for then i made boxie, it is still running but soon it will be switched off due to the damage caused by the DDos it has damaged a lot of the hardware as it simple could cool its self fast enough, It will be replace by a HP ProLiant MicroServer in the next few weeks and final with be binned after being a notebook and a server it is just to damaged to fix.

Boxie 1 : 2011 – ?

Thanks for reading jay.