Pokemon Go!

Pokemon Go is Dying !

Pokemon Go is Dying ! Pokemon go is Dying, The game just lacks the longevity to sustain a user base of such large numbers. The update at short lived with users quickly becoming board or frustrated with the game and it mechanics. So i have been think while i work on other project a methods […]

Back to Pokemon Go!

SO WE ARE BACK !  So we have been out and about, Checking the spans in and a round Suffolk, So Ipswich, Felixstowe and every where else in between. Spawn / nest  list Bourne Park –  totodile Whitehouse park – oddish Sherrington road Park – charmander Broomhill Park –  yanma Christchurch Park – MEOWTH Languard Fort […]

Pokemon Go – Unbelievable Snubbull Spawn Christchurch Park (Exploring Suffolk)

Video   NOTES Unbelievable Snubbull Spawn Christchurch Park (Exploring Suffolk) Christchurch Park absolutely unbelievable day of Snubbull hunting in Ipswich, With some great spawns a long the way and a few egg hatches. We will be evolving our Slugma to Magcargo and our Snubbull to Granbull still no shiny magikarp!!! but a new method to […]

Another Gen 2 Starter Pokemon Spawn/Nest Found in Suffolk Exploring (felixstowe – landguard fort).

Hi Guys New Nest Found We have been out searching for new undocumented nests in Suffolk, We Found a new Totodile nest / spawn at landguard fort in Felixstowe to day the 18/3/2017. As this video show we had a smashing day with some great spawns and good catch rate. I would recommend going there […]