[Delphi / Pascal] Encrypted Chat room Client And Server Source. 2

[Delphi / Pascal] Encrypted Chat room Client And Server Source. Video Download Link Source Code: https://goo.gl/gecnrT Binary Copy(Complied): https://goo.gl/6A8ysp ShowNotes In This Episode, We finish our project of a Chatroom by adding AES256 Encryption to it making it harder to read your private messages between clients, we have also included in the download links a binary copy. between episode 2 […]

Technical Support Scan Phone call

Technical Support Scan Phone call

Have you recevied a phone call from this number and missed it comment below.

The number 001 7026 176469 called me this morning claining to be from the “windows security team” this is a 100% scam. Please DO NOT give them any information or buy anything you DO NOT NEED A KEY OR AND NEW SOFTWARE TO BE INSTALL.

I am still getting missed calls from this number.


Scan details

They will tell you. Your key has expired or your computer has malware they are trying to scam you out of you hard earned money.


001 7026 176469 (+4401 7026 176469) 0017026176469

Thank you for reading stay safe jay.



Making Your Own Web Browser (Beginners)

Video Download https://goo.gl/AvmE8z ShowNotes in this tutorial I will show you just how simple, easy and quick it is to make you very own web browser in Delphi / Pascal. this short episode, I will show you how to make your web browser, Set the homepage and add a navigation bar to visit any website. […]

Delphi – RSA-1024 Encryption Example Video (LockBox3)

Delphi – RSA-1024 Encryption Example Video (LockBox3) Video  Download Link Test You Skill and try to fix this Copy Else download the working Version. https://goo.gl/jb4oRZ Working version https://goo.gl/MrFzVa ShowNotes Delphi – RSA-1024 Encryption In this episode, we will be showing you how you can generate and use RSA 1024 Keys in Delphi to encrypt […]

Who is calling me ? 020 6587 9454

How is calling me ?? 020 6587 9454 We are back with another who is calling on uk landline : 020 6587 9454 well sadly this is another “i have heard you have been i a car accident recently” just to waste my time more they just keep talking until you hang up. Hope this informaion help […]