New Barebones Analysiation system in development.

Project Goat So.. Project “Goat”, may have not been the best name but sometimes you have to stake the bait to a post and wait for the preditors to come for the pray, so… Project “Goat” it is. So what is Project “Goat” ? Project “Goat” is a bare metal analysation toolkit based off the […]

Started the Andriod Antivirus Development [log-3] HIT The Frist Road Block

So as the title states we have hit our road block in our development and this was kinder expected thus not unexpected so let’s explore the roadblock its the poor support for Andriod and IOS devices within Rad Studio’s XE6 Delphi and the Firemonkey framework. all though there are newer versions of Rad Studio’s Delphi […]

Started the Andriod Antivirus Development [log-2]

Andriod Antivirus Development has started! Over the past few days I have been working on adding Scanning installed Applications already installed on the device. this is done to detect malware that is already installed on the device and may have been installed for a while. Break down of the features File Scanning Break down so […]

Started the Andriod Antivirus Development [log-1]

Andriod Antivirus Development has started! I have started the development of the Android arm of my antivirus, I have started with the basic scanning features Scanning Files, Scanning Install Apps and Scanning SMS messages. the current development is being coded in Delphi as this is a language that I have a few years of experience […]

Antivirus/Antimalware [Restarting development]

Antivirus/Antimalware [Restarting development] I am back to developing my antivirus but there are changes, The project will be back in a closed source only and I will not be releasing the source coding publicly. This has been done to prevent abuse of the source code. Restarting development I have decided to restart the development of […]

Coinhive (javaScript Miner) Vs traditional advertising (Ads).

Coinhive (javaScript Miner) Vs traditional advertising (Ads). Video Show Notes In this video, we explore the pro’s and con’s on using javascript base mining compared to traditional advertising. Explore the use of Coinhive as a visible javascript miner on a website vs traditional advertising. monetization of sites may be changing buy this may take time […]