Cubie Board


cubie board 2

cubie board 2

Whats is a CubieBoard 2 ?

A CubieBoard 2 is a single board computer, made for developers similar to a raspberry PI.


Whats Can We Use It For ?

You can use a Cubieboard much like a normal computer installing an operating system like Linux or Android. so anything you can use a normal computer for you can do on the Cubieboard. You can also use the Cubieboard as a home server, media center, or even your Own cloud server.


Where Can i Get CubieBoard ?

Here is the link where i got my Cubieboard, I got my Cubieboard 2 with a sata disk cable and heat sink. However you can just get the board its self i have included the link for both the Cubieboard 2 and the Cubieboard 2 with extra’s.

CubieBoard Only Link.

CubieBoard With Extra’s Link.



Flashing CubieBoard’s Nand Chip (Installing Operating system to the Nand Flash Chip).

Flashing Operating system to Micro Sd Card.

Recovering Mirco SD Card after use.

Making a CubieBoard Home Server.


Useful Links

Ubuntu For CubieBaord 2

Tools Need to install Operating System to CubieBoard Or Micro SD Card.