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A little About my self

Hi, My name is jay, I am currently trying to start and antivirus company, As i am interested in malware and the challenge of detecting it and taking it to peaces commonly known a reverse engineering. A lot of people ask “Why not just get a job doing it ?”. Well put simply i am dyslexic and many company’s are just scared of the name and will not give me a job. I have tort my self programming in a few different languages, I tort my self malware analysation and reverse engineering. I am very motivated and need little encouragement to start learning more. I do not kind my self thinking i known everything, i do not, but i am always willing to learn more. This has lead me to try and start my own company if no one will gives you a chance, Make Your Own. If you truly want something you will do it.

So if you appreciate my hard work and would like to help me out please donate. I do not get paid to do this research,  I do this research in my spare time and This will help me continue to push for my chance to do what i love doing.

This will be used for hosting costs, domain cost, books, research resources, internet cost, hardware and other things. I currently only Accept Bitcoins.

Thank you for you Donation.



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