Simple Antivirus Tutorials Ep2

Simple Antivirus Tutorials Episode 2 

In Episode 2 of my YouTube tutorial videos series, On making a “Simple Antivirus”. Hope you enjoy it and show us some love on YouTube please.

Download : Click Here

We will be adding..

  • Database to store signatures (Simple MD5 Signatures)
  • Edit Database
  • Save and load database.
  • Modify scan engine to make it scan a single file and many different signatures.


So To start off this is a long video we are adding an integral component of our engine. although this is not the best method of adding a database to software nor the most efficient, It is a simple easy was to add and edit a database for beginners as we move on though the episodes i will be changing this later for different method.

This is what you will start with… The scan engine from episode 1 which the download can not be found on the show notes for episode 1. simple antivirus tutorial episode 1 simple antivirus tutorial episode 1

and you will finish with… simple antivirus tutorial episode 2 simple antivirus tutorial episode 2


Download link will be added after the next episode. The video is clear and my instructions are clear just follow along else what for 6 days and it will be posted here .

In the Next episode (Episode 3)

  • adding scan folders.
  • adding auto load on program start.
  • adding browse folder.