Simple Antivirus Tutorials Ep5

In Episode 5 of my YouTube tutorial videos series, On making a “Simple Antivirus”. Hope you enjoy it and show us some love on YouTube please.

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We will be adding..

  • Threading Scan Engine
  • Adding Scan information
  • Setting File Limit


Episode Notes

In this Episode, We Will be threading the scan engine and Adding Scan information.This will Increase the scan rate making it that we can scan faster in it own thread also allow us to still use and update the user interface/ program with scanning information, like current object being scan, number of files scanned, number of failed to open and other information.

We Will start with … Episode 4. Download is available Soon.

and we will end up with


In the Next episode (Episode 6)

Adding Reports
Adding hex any where signatures.

Adding the Reports will Allow you to Review passed Scans and Adding hex anywhere will allow you to detect hex strings store in file even after they have been changed. so As malware is developed the position on the hex string may move in side the binary file but with hex anywhere if the string still exists we will still detect the file increasing the detection rate once again.