Simple Antivirus Tutorials Ep6

In Episode 6 of my YouTube tutorial videos series, On making a “Simple Antivirus”. Hope you enjoy it and show us some love on YouTube please.

Download : Source Code Download HERE


We will be adding..

  • Adding Hex Signatures
  • Adding Reports

Episode Notes

In this Episode, We Will be Adding Hex Signatures, To increase our detection rate,We will also be adding reports, this will save a report after each scan to the reports folder.

We Will start with …

and we will end up with

In the Next episode (Episode 7)

adding Reports Viewer to client.

We will only be adding one things at a time from this point on wards as the episodes are to long, Viewers are losing interest therefore to compensate for this i will be adding one thing at a time instead of two the episodes will be release on Saturday’s from this week on.

The Reports Viewer will be used to display the reports saved in the client.