Simple Antivirus Tutorials Ep7

In Episode 7 of my YouTube tutorial videos series, On making a “Simple Antivirus”. Hope you enjoy it and show us some love on YouTube please.

Download : Source Code Download Link


We will be adding..

  • Adding Reports Viewer
  • Bug Fixes

Episode Notes

In this Episode, We Will be Adding a reports Viewer to The Scanner, This will allow a end user to view scan reports from previous scans. We will also be fixing a few bugs in the reports system.

We Will start with … Episode 6. Download is Now Live

And will be ending with

In The Next Episode

  • Adding Exclude File extensions
  • Adding Exclude Folders or directory’s

So This Will Allow you to stop the scanner scan predetermined file extensions and predetermined folder to be excluded from being scanned by the scanner.This would be used to stop the scanner scanning sample folders or used to speed scanning time up by not scanning files that can not be weaponize.