Ramnit Botnet ShutDown

hi guys and girls Good news In a statement today, EC3 (Europol’s European Cybercrime Centre) has confirmed in a joint effort lead by Europol’s European Cybercrime Centre, The Ramnit Botnet has been shutdown by a joint group of Microsoft, AnubisNetworks, Symantec, British cyber-police and EC3, Who targeted the command and control infrastructure redirecting traffic for […]

Blackhat Film 2015 poster

BlackHat (Film Review) 2015

Hi guys and girls. I don’t often review films But for “BlackHat”, It being a “Hacker Film”, I decided to watch it a my local cinema as it have only just been released in the UK and write a review as my blog has been a bit empty. So this is the Film Poster. BlackHat […]

Email Q & A

Hi guys and girls Today I am doing question and answer after receiving a few emails containing similar questions. The first question i get commonly asked is how did i start ? Well its hard to find a start in it all but somewhere after my home computer got infected with a Trojan masquerading  as “Iexplorer.exe” […]