UDS (Ugly Drum Smoker)

This is my Ugly Drum Smoker, I decided after seeing a video on youtube of one that it would not be hard to make one. therefore i got started.


First off you need a barrel i got my one for like £10, for a local seller. Then you need to drill 4 holes in the bottom for lager bolts that will become the feet. Next you need to drill 4 holes just above the bands in the barrel and add bolts this will hold the grills later, last you need to drill 4, 10 mm holes at 10 mm from the bottom of the barrel, this will be our air holes, next light a wood fire in the barrel to burn off most of the paint. you many need to do this a few times before it all come off. Next sand and paint the barrel with heat resistant stove paint. this is both not toxic and will not peal off when you light it. you should not have something like the picture below.

Next you will need to buy or make some grills i just got my grills off an old BBQ i had.


Cooking in UDS

Cooking in UDS



Now we Cooking in the Ugly Drum Smoker, Now i am not where near the best not even of the same map, but i would suggest starting with beef if its under cook no one is ill. Go Low and Slow for About 10 hours and should just be great look for rubs online there are loads there will be one to fit you taste if not make your own.



Thanks for reading jay.